Thunder Tier One, PUBG Corp

After Krafton/PUBG announced to our EMEA office that we would be responsible for the publishing of TTO, my team quickly reacted. We started working closely with the brand/publishing team and the creative director of the game on a 'ground up' redesign development of Thunder Tier One.

I spearheaded the brand design and defining style of TTO. Working with our Publishing team, we developed a tone for the brand, focusing on colour, keyart usage, logo usage and a guide for designing assets. I also worked with the creative director sourcing fonts to match this style for all regions of interest, which would then help the UI development.

After the brand work was complete we continued applying our skills to trailers, social and platform branding and design style. I upheld the static branding for all channels and platforms including live streaming assets, alongside requests from the publishing team for social activations.

TTO, a new co-op strategy game from PUBG parent Krafton

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